The Truth About Projects

Good afternoon and welcome to the podcast! You are listening to the No. 1 (because it’s the only one, really) project management talk show: The Truth About Projects! Hit us with your questions and concerns and we’ll give you solid advice. As we do each week at this time, we are here to take your calls on all things project management. No matter what situation you find yourself in…we are here for you. Let’s not waste any more time and get right to the phones. We are off to Oakdale, Maryland and Marie. Hi Marie, you’re on the The Truth About Projects!

Caller: “Hi Phil, first time caller.”

Welcome, how can we help you?

Caller: “Well, I have a project that has been going on for quite a few months. We originally retained a company to lead up a due diligence effort on a complex technology selection project we had. They came back with some recommendations, but the short list of companies that could do the work for us was limited to companies that seem to be friends of the consulting company. Should I be worried?”

So let’s just be clear on a few things, Marie. The PM on your project is a consultant and is not from your company, correct?

Caller: “That’s right, he’s from a consulting firm that was highly recommended to us.”

By whom?

Caller: “By my boss, actually.”

Okay. And what type of project are you dealing with? What type of technology?

Caller: “We’re trying to select an ERP system.”

All right, a couple of points here, Marie. First, how did you come to know that the firms recommended by your PM were acquaintances of the PM? Did he let you know ahead of time that he was looking to do this?

Caller: “I found out when I sat in on one of the presentations and it was clear when the PM walked in that he had worked with one of the individuals before.”

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