A Day for Veterans

Devil Dog Fly Fishing

First off, Happy Veteran’s Day!  As an active duty Marine, I have always appreciated the effort our country puts into this  day.  There are many businesses who go out of their way to make veterans feel special.  I really do appreciate that.  There are very few veterans from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan who were not either present when they lost a brother, or had a brother in a different unit who did not make it back from the sandbox.  Veteran’s Day is a day to celebrate their lives along with everyone who made it back from whatever hell-hole they had been sent.  Unless I am deployed, I get Veteran’s Day off every year.  What did I do with my Veteran’s Day this year?  I went fishing of course.  It was the most wonderfully, horrific day I have experienced in a long time.  When I hit the Middle Provo River later…

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